Bioptron is a Swiss medical device originally made for hospitals that stimulates the cells in our body so that they can better perform their natural functions. Our bodies are made up of 70 trillion cells all designed to do thousands of different jobs. The Bioptron Light has been medically proven through scientific study to assist with various indications. *

Bioptron through it's gentle yet powerful transmission of polarised, low energy, visible spectrum light, accelerates the bodies natural healing with out any harm. The beauty of this device is it's ease of use, pleasant feeling and that anyone can safely use it and on animals too.

Bioptron Light Therapy Systems:bioptron.jpg


Where ever it is applied blood flow is increased as is oxygen absorption, nerve stimulation and immune function regulated plus many other beneficial effects. Recently Bioptron was awarded with the top in skin care an International award in Paris 2014.

Bioptron Light Therapy is in two parts. The White Light or full-spectrum light is made up all the colours we see, plus some beneficial low energy infra red. We call this the General Purpose lens. The second part is the colours, these are the specialists as they are more specific in their stimulation and often give us a faster result.

The Colour Therapy is the science of separating those colours to activate specific frequencies. Each colour frequency provides a different response to the cells it is activating.

Zepter International the company marketing the Bioptron Light System has extensively researched the different effects of the colours on certain key activation points within the body. This study has resulted in a series of Colour Therapy Programs, which we believe to be an essential part in maintaining a healthy body.

The Colour Therapy Programs:

We suggest a specific order to all the colour programs depending on each individual requirement:

(1) Rainbow Shower:
Helps balance all the chakras, this program is very effective when we feel out of balance whether that is physically, emotionally or spiritually. This program can be done for as long as you feel necessary.

(2) Metabolism:lightchart.jpg
Our internal digestive system is a great place to start if we wish to maintain a healthy system. The 2 programs for the metabolism are best done in the evening.

(a) Discharge & Purging: Removes the build-up of toxins in the system and allows accelerated self - healing. The best schedule for everyone to commence with - clear the system first. Some people have also experienced the shifting of emotional barriers.

(b) Digestion: Calms irritations in the stomach, colon and bowel. An excellent program for reflux, hiatus hernia and heartburn.

(3) Supporting your Power of Resistance:
Assists in regulating your Immune System to prevent minor health ailments and to bring balance back into our immunity especially on many chronic conditions that are based in an irregular immune system. This program we suggest doing a few times a year. Our immune system being key to all our health issues. Use for prevention of colds, flu, hay-fever and faster recovery from cuts and minor wounds. For those with a chronic immune disorder we suggest this program to be repeated every 3-4 months for a few years until balance is returned. Great for Rheumatoid arthritis, many skin conditions, allergies, chronic fatigue, myalgia's. 

(4) Heavy Legs is the name of the Program for improving lymphatic drainage and circulation:
Lymphatic drainage and improved blood circulation to the legs is important also for overall health. Use for varicose veins, poor circulation in legs and leg ulcers.

(5) Lack of Drive:bioptron-lamp.jpg
Restores energy to vital function areas, reduces stress and revitalises the cellular energy system. Use for Lack of Motivation & Low Self Esteem, Low Energy Levels. With chronic Digestive issue we recommend to start your metabolism program with this one.

(6) Bad Concentration - Poor Memory:
Slows down the brain's intake systems so that there is less information overload & better retention. Use for dyslexia, Students studying for exams, Short-term memory loss in older people. Hormonal Brain disorders.

(7) Inner Balance: Can assist with hormonal balance.
Restores confidence and self-worth - especially after grief. Use for stroke victims, Abnormal Blood Pressure, Bereavement and family problems.

(8) The Vital Spark:
Recharges our personal battery, revitalises sexual capabilities and our thought processes. Use for low energy, worry, inability to complete tasks, low libido or self- image.

(9) Relaxing to Relieve Fear:
Removes deep - seated fears, restores inner stability and self esteem. Use for phobias, terror and violation of personal security situations. Proven over the time of the Christchurch earthquakes.

(10) De-blocking to Remove Stress:
Reduces stress levels, worry, deep - seated emotional upsets and mental instability. Use for physically or sexually abused memories, work and income related problems.

(11) A Good Nights Sleep:
Reduces Stress, muscular and nervous tension to relax the body and mind. Use for Insomnia instead of sleeping pills.

(12) Skin Problems:
Accelerates healing of acne, psoriasis, dermatitis, shingles, hives etc by stress reduction and improved lymphatic drainage. Use for Acne, Dermatitis, Psoriasis and Eczema, Lupus.

For only a few minutes each day these very powerful programs can help you maintain a healthy system. Some of the programs are more specific for each individual. The key is there are no side affects from doing these programs.

New Fullerene C60 Lens: Taking the Bioptron Full Spectrum to another whole level of healing. This frequency travels right through the whole body, our clients are noticing a huge difference with the addition of this light in overall maximisation of the health benefits.

Our Personal Experiences with the Light:

For many years Sam and I only used natural or alternative health options. In some countries during our travels were happy to explore the old methods and cures. Therefore rarely needing any medical intervention, in fact we can proudly say our stress free life has been a huge factor in a clean health slate.

We had noticed after fifty though, how things had not been bouncing back quite as quickly. So when we were introduced to the Swiss medical device Bioptron, initial results ensured there was no question that we would use this device. We now love feeding our cells daily with this light. We believe everyone in this stress related world can benefit from daily light treatment. Directly into our eyes the window to our brain feeds all the major glands on a daily basis, enough light to enable a healthy system. Then for those occasional accidents or sicknesses you have a device that can assist in a quick recovery.

The benefit of having a Light in every family home or business is everyone gets to use this for the rest of their life, minimising the need for medications and side affects. In a business or family the costs of the light can quickly be recovered in saved doctor visits and medication costs.

We are enthusiastic to ensure all our clients get maximum utilisation of their light system. Many originally purchased the compact with colours and have been so impressed with their results they have also purchased the Pro light enjoying the benefits of a larger surface being treated in the same time and the calming affect of the bigger light enveloping their whole face.We use both Pro and Compact daily. The compact serves well when travelling but also activates the acupressure points more effectively.

"Have you seen the Light?" is the Swiss website we recommend for those wanting information on the indications that have been proven through scientific study. Click on to Products then Fullerene if you wish to understand the science behind the light this great 68 page document gives you all the understanding you need.

If you would like to have a home demonstration contact Sam and Christine on 08002BWELL

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For its many applicationsFor its many applications