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Taking time out is essential in our busy World today, Sam and I learnt early on the magic of Blobbing it is doing nothing. Yes Nothing just being it always helps to be in a beautiful place just resting enjoying watching nature. Our trip to Norfolk was part of this.

We were just discussing needing a winter break away, when we saw on TV a great deal for Norfolk Island and thought why not. Usually reputed as a destination for newly weds or nearly dead’s. We being somewhere in the middle, we didn't have high expectations. We had heard it was a place with very little to do. I’m figuring if you are talking, night-life parties and shopping maybe that is true, although many I heard from were wrapped with the duty free shopping.

0002View2House.jpegNo worries about paying for expensive seats, food or getting jet lag it's only a short one hour twenty minute flight out of Auckland being closer to NZ than AUS, but it is Australian. When Captain Cook found it, it was uninhabited. He reported to England that it's huge straight pines would make great ships masts, didn't prove correct on that point as to many knots made them brittle. Best known as an outpost for the Australian Penal Colony it's had an interesting past, not least as a settlement for the descendants of Pitcairn Island re: (The Bounty Mutineers)

Having booked the cheapest deal we could find, (we don't need flash) were told on arrival we were being upgraded, even then we weren't expecting much. Bob a friendly Kiwi drove us in the car that was included in our cheap deal, a near new Toyota Spacio, to this amazing 8 bed house over looking the ocean, with, 2 lounges, huge Kitchen, decks all round, 3 TV’s. We said are we sharing this, no was the reply, it's all yours. You could fit 3 families in it and have spare room. If you want to book it it's called Ball Bay House, great for a retreat workshop. Let us know if you are interested!!! Ha ha.

0006BestBeach.jpegOur time was full doing, bush walks, cafés, restaurants, fishing, golf, guided history tours and night shows. We also spoke at a Rotary evening and sold a Bioptron Light, we're also pleased that the hospital there uses the big Bioptron B2 light.

There is a proposal being launched to grow and farm medical marijuana to make cannabis oil on the island, this would not only be great for the local economy but as the possibility as a treatment centre. There is strong medical and scientific evidence as to the benefit of this product to fight Cancer. We for one think this would be so amazing if it could get off the ground. Especially as so many people we know and this horrible disease is challenging to work with. This is also why we advise all our Bioptron clients and users to regularly boost their immune system by doing the morning brain program and spleen, and most importantly having down time and relaxing, remember better to heal vertically than horizontally.

We have another surprise in store but will make this our next Blog soon when all is confirmed and settled.

Love and Light Sam and Christine.

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