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1993 – 2007 We travelled through the Americas from Canada to Patagonia a 14 - year adventure and experiment of how to live “Lite n Life” The story of this can be found on our website

Coming back to New Zealand after 14 years travelling the America's was a cultural adjustment. We knew we wanted to maintain our lifestyle choice of keeping it simple and work in the same area of health and well being, so buying another motor home was the obvious first decision.

Demonstrating BioptronDemonstrating Bioptron

We named her "Light n Life" which is a message and a philosophy we live by. It was nice having a newer vehicle, not having to put on the overalls to do regular repairs, quite a change from Izzy our old faithful American RV, and having a diesel instead of a gas guzzling V8.

Settling back into NZ meant many changes, not least was that it was a lot more expensive to live. Fees, licenses, charges, insurances etc. that had not been part of our life for so long meant we needed more income. We had also got into our wiser years and noticed our bodies weren't what they used to be. In chatting one evening with close friends about this and joking that we may need to register with a doctor. Our friend suggested a better option to buy a Bioptron Light. She shared how it had helped them and animals, especially horses she had been working with. It just made total sense to us as she briefly explained how it worked naturally and safely to assist and accelerate the body to heal and repair. This aligned totally with our belief that in health our first option should be a safe natural one, drugs and surgery the last so we brought one immediately.

Bioptron TreatmentsBioptron Treatments

We couldn't believe the results we were getting for ourselves, as well as friends and family. How could something so simple as polarised light be so effective? My annoying hip issue completely reversed itself in just 3 months. I thought it was something I was just going to just put up with as I had seen several specialists and it was just continuing to worsen. Christine’s gum and loose teeth problem made a dramatic turn around astounding her dentist and saving us a fortune. My 88-year-old mother had lasting pain relief for her arthritic hands after just 2 treatments and when she heard it could help her skin issues bought one as well.

Becoming agents for Bioptron Light then made total sense to us as this fitted in well with our life on the road. Seven years on, this has helped many people help themselves with so many and varied health challenges. The body is an amazing self-healing organism, but at times it needs help. This wonderful device has led us to touch and be part of so many people’s lives. Many of our clients throughout the country have become friends and when they heard that we also taught massage inspired us to offer Workshops once again. Our “Spirit Heal’ Workshops had been our main form of income in our travels.

Massage WorkshopMassage Workshop

"Spirit Heal" Therapy was birthed out of our massage and healing work where the focus is in working with "Spirit" to bring about the changes we desire. The massage sessions can be transformational for both giver and receiver. The workshops for learning this technique has evolved now to a four day stay over retreat where each participant can learn a series of techniques which assist in exploring and awakening each persons unique sensory abilities. This workshop has the potential to change lives and many comment that they thought that they were coming to learn massage but end up knowing more about whom they really are. Being part of someone's journey into awakening true self gives us our fulfilment and is what we enjoy sharing most. We have run several events in both the North and South Islands and are organising others.

Since returning to New Zealand in 2007 another important interest for us has been in the wisdom's held by Maori. When visiting other cultures we always enjoyed exploring the knowledge of Myths and Legends and Medicinal Plants. We completed the Mauri Ora course which to me is the foundation for a greater understanding of the wisdoms of all Maori Spiritual and Traditional practices. As always when following a desire for more knowledge, opportunities arose where we were invited regularly to Healing Gatherings on different Marae around the country. Maori have often been accused of not being the best in being on time what I have come to understand is this is perfect, that when you flow with Spirit or Wairua the timing is never by a clock or watch. This is why we ask all our workshop participants to experiment with living truly in Spirit's time. 

It is our intention to continue with sharing information on the Bioptron Light Treatments as well as updates on where and when our workshops will be happening as well as insights into how to live “Lite n Life”

Love and Light to All, Sam and Christine Carter.

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