Mayan Calendar 13 Moon Dreamspell

The 13:20 timing frequency of the Mayan Calendar has had a huge influence on our life. Following this real time is influenced by the evolution of earth but also that of our galaxy we believe synchronizes our DNA with the galactic evolution, therefore this impacts on our everyday life. Before we left on our travels, we both attracted a good life from having a positive attitude. When we started travelling and were no longer head down, rear up working so hard we couldn't see the wood for the trees. We found our new vision of life attracted even further magic. Then when we started to follow the calendar daily, connecting to what the energy was and making an intention to work with that energy the increase of magical connections was exponential as stated in our story. If you have not read our story find a comfy spot and take time to explore how 13:20 time flows.

The years spent in Mexico and Guatamala learning of the 13:20 frequencies taught us about living in the moment. The Mayans live completely in the now because they know that is the only time we have. Living in the now reduces stress in our life because so much of our stress is related to either rehashing a past that can't be changed or worrying about a future that is very likely not to even happen. When you adjust your projects and life schedules to the energies of the day you will be amazed at how easy everything flows.

The day we are born has an energy of the day called a kin and each kin is part of a 13 day cycle called a wavespell. The wavespell tells a story of our purpose in life. So my passion for helping people discover their purpose in life was a major reason for following through with learning the calendar. I now had a tool that was very simple to follow and after many years of wavespell purpose readings I know how accurate this can be for a person and their personality and way of being.

Sam at Chichen Itza the famous temple in the Yucatan

Relationships can be understood with decoding the energy of the day* you were born with and the energy of the person or group you are in a relationship with. Then add together to find the relationship energy and the wavespell or purpose that relationship holds.

Each kin or daily energy has a tone and a solar seal. The Tones are symbolized in dashes and dots. There are 13 Tones represented by the 13 moons each of these tones is found in our major articulation joints in the body. The Solar Seals are 20 all representing the 20 tribes coming from the Sun. These are symbolised by glyphs that depict the energy from the sun. These are found in our fingers and toes and each has a number, the Sun being 0 or 20 through to Storm being 19.

Our role as the traveller is to seed and bring information from community to community we often have enjoyed the role of assisting each community in their purpose together using the calendar to define the relationship of the group. From experience communities benefit from using the calendar as a tool to prioritise projects unify and connect with effective timing as well as understanding different personality types. We are happy to offer to communities training in how they can use this excellent timing tool.

I post each day the Mayan Calendar energy for the day on the following sites so you can get into a flow that that will also synchronize you to the real time.

*Note: Look on the Links for the Mayan Calendar sites that can help decode your birthdays.