Some of our Favourite Links:

As we don't believe in re-inventing the wheel we have some links that we recommend below for more in depth information on certain topics on our web site. Plus other links to web sites we feel are relevant to the work we do.

Bioptron Healing Light Systems:

The Swiss web-site will provide all the valuable information about the range of products we are consultants for. If you want more information about the Swiss Company Zepter International that distributes Bioptron Light Therapy Systems this is the web site to explore.

Mayan Calendar Dreamspell 2012 Prophecies:

Mayan Calendar 13 Moon Dreamspell

A New Zealand site developed by Tomaash his kin is Self-Existing* Dragon. This site is new and has a unique way of giving you insights from day to day users of the Mayan Calendar. On this site once you have decoded your birth date you can see what your 13 purpose kin's are in your wavespell. A beautiful site from the USA that has been evolving for many years and developed by Eden Sky, her kin is Self-Existing* Skywalker. This site has lots of valuable information on many aspects of the calendar and the 13-moon movement.

*Note: Both the designers of these websites are Self-Existing kin an example of the Tone Self-Existing can define, measure and create form, so they make perfect creators of such informative websites.

Other links relevant to our work: The background on our website was created from a painting done by Nemesh. The painting was done directly after Sam gave Nemesh a healing session. While Nemesh painted we spoke to him of our Workshops and Healing practices. It was a wonderful experience to see our healing work form before our eyes into such a delightful image. Gifts to you in PDF form that we have created from our photos you can use for your healing:

Please enjoy some of our posters: