The essence of our Soul Purpose is in our story

Like our philosophy of wellness taking time out to smell the roses releases stress and leads to wellness. So get comfy and pour your favourite drink and enjoy our story.

As an Introduction to Sam & Christine Carter and their story:

I met Sam and Christine some years ago when their journey had bought them back to New Zealand to share the knowledge of the Mayan Time Count.

It was a real turning point in my life to receive this knowledge, one that has had a profound influence on my view of life and how I live my life. To know there is a freer more flowing way to engage with time is liberating, healing and creative.

Sam and Christine's journey is a real example of people following their Spirit without hesitation. It is logical that they refer to their work as 'Spirit Heal' as this has been the wellspring they have drawn on all long the way. They live their dream and have always offered healing and knowledge with generosity, goodwill and humour.... especially humour. They do not purport to have all the answers, instead they keenly recognize that each of us has a different part to play and are great encouragers of people finding out what that might be so we can share it around and increase the synchronicity.

Anyone who has lived in a camper or other small space with their partner will know all too well that there is no escape from the truth, you just have to deal with your "stuff", either that or sell up the camper, it can be pretty intense at times. These guys managed 14 years in the Americas and on their return to New Zealand have carried on with the Campervan life; such is their joy of being on the road.

Sam and Christine are not just motivated by scenery and lifestyle, they are taking a message and a service to people up and down the country, it is a message about the responsibility we all have toward our own well being, our happiness, our health, our joy in what we do with our time.

I encourage you to read their story.


Blue Cosmic Night.

The Story of our Journey by Sam and Christine Carter:

Our Story is about a journey that extended 14 years through the Americas from Canada to Patagonia. This journey teaches us how to live in the moment, the real time of the present. When we apply the principals of "Spirit Heal how the magic happens to open doors of opportunity.

When we connected it was soul to soul. This connection held us together through thick and thin.

We were both at a crossroads, when we met. Sam was looking for a new occupation that would give him the passion he saw in me. I loved my life with a passion but knew I was on a treadmill that was not healthy. I had a dream from when I was small, to travel. That time had come so we sold up. We left NZ on the 4th of July 93.

We had not informed anyone of our arrival, yet in San Francisco that evening they put on a huge fireworks display for the arrival of our independence.

The first night was magic, on the way back to the hostel our bus broke down. The excitement in our eyes connected us to this busload of people.

They answered our questions of where to buy the best motor home, where to get off to our hostel, and what to see in the US while travelling. Many were so inspired by our decision to sell up and venture out they gave us addresses to family all around the States.

Issy, our Motor Home was our next bit of magic. She was 14 years old and had never really travelled, like me that had been her dream since manufacture as an Itasca Winnebago. She had everything we needed, including great guidance. In all our travels we have always put White Light around ourselves and our vehicles, trusting that we are looked after by Spirit.

"Issy" loving the drive down Lombard St to start our Journey

She would break down in the most fortuitous places or even pretend to. She mirrored many a time what was going on for us, often overheating when we were. New relationships 24/7 confined to a tin can only 7 meters long can test the best of us. She sheltered us as a home, she drove us to wherever we wanted, she provided us a kitchen where Sam learned to cook, she provided the space for our work of building massage tables, 700 tables were built over a 14 year period. Mostly she nurtured us when we weren't sure of the next direction. Three of us made that 14-year journey.

Yes a plan of 10 months in the US then off to Europe and back home turned into a 14 year Odyssey. When the 10 months arrived we threw the ticket away, we knew we had found a lifestyle that suited us.

The first 6 months was spent exploring, the parks, the wonders, and we as a couple. We drove some very rocky roads at times but always knew there was a higher purpose driving us. We needed that time to redirect our compass. When you have been going upstream all your life, to try to turn around in your canoe and come downstream is impossible without getting out on the bank for a while. So this 6 months helped us learn again how to go with the flow, trust, have faith, take time to communicate. Oh boy did Sam hate that one. He would say all day and all night communicating. Enough already!

I always believed our working opportunities would be easy; all that was required was just a matter of finding a formula. I was right but what I didn't realise was that the formula would keep changing as we changed, as locations changed and then later culture and countries changed.

We started by doing workshops on "How to follow your heart to fulfil your purpose". Sam got work in New York City as handyman in a Gym for top New York Models; though he felt he should be paying the guy for this job. Beauty of the models aside, being a handyman he knew this was only leading him down the same path and not finding his true passion.

Eventually in Sedona Arizona, through learning massage, he started his journey as a healer. In a healing retreat centre the opportunity opened further when we arrived just one day before the owner healer, was departing to NZ for a holiday. The owner saw the magic timing in this and asked Sam to take his place as the Centres healer. The building of the massage tables came from the need to have our own table and being too tight to buy one. So as all Kiwis do, Sam built one. The orders that came from this triggered a business opportunity. So by the time we had returned to San Francisco we were massage table manufacturers and Sam was a healer. Each table we built we visualised the healing that would be done and selling them was never a problem, the biggest problem was keeping up with the orders. So with work flowing our way and paying the bills we started to see that this could continue.

I had the opportunity to speak at the Whole Life Expo in San Francisco on "Living your Life Purpose". But this experience was not as impacting as my introduction to the Mayan Calendar, which later turned out to be a life turning point.

Jose Argüelles, a key figure in the re-introduction of the Natural Time Calendar filled the main hall, he was talking on the Mayan Calendar however, I felt he was speaking to the converted. It wasn't until we got to Mexico that I realised how much of a tool we had discovered.

Sam felt he needed to return to New Zealand to connect with family and let them know he was going to be travelling for a while longer. I stayed in Hawaii. My Maui Cruiser VW Bug took on the personality of Issy. It led me to many magical experiences and places.

When Sam returned to join me we explored the 4 main Islands, completing 7 months of magical bliss. We swam with dolphins, learned hula, wore only sarongs, (Sam too) and were brown as berries. Hawaii helped us with the next part of our journey into Latin America. The Hawaiians would laugh at the mainlanders and how uptight they were. I worked in a café in the town of Makawao where people would stop on their way to somewhere, and be all stressed. It didn't take me long to work out the formula, to take longer at making their coffees and food so they would have to slow down. The Islanders knew what a gift that could be. For me it was the gift the Islands gave me. Less is more, slower is faster.

Brown as Berries in Hawaii!!Brown as Berries in Hawaii!!

Three years of the States and Canada had given us the formula for this wonderful life, but it felt like the real journey was yet to begin.

I suggested one day, why don't we try Mexico, head on down the Baja and just see. Really except for a few out of the way villages the Baja is just an extension of California. We weren't worried about the language, malaria or bandidos; they just didn't come onto our radar. We learnt along the way. Bandidos were the Police, hands our language and tequila and chillies our healers. 100% Agave Tequila will kill any thing and is the most divine drink in moderation.

"Letting go, to find Magic"

Was the next lesson, and where better to learn it than Cabo San Lucas, Baja, California.

We needed to work the money supply was low, so Cabo San Lucas, (Gringolandia) was an ideal spot. We promoted, we pushed, we presented and organised and nothing was working, it wasn't even that magical. So after lots of discussion we went to the beach ready to go home. In minutes of relaxing a women came up to us and introduced herself, it transpired she was a therapist in one of the smaller hotels and needed a massage herself. From this encounter she got us both work at a larger hotel that was paying $75.00 US an hour for massage. It was costing us $2.00 a meal for the both of us. Soon we were in abundance again, saving enough to get to the mainland and travel for months without working again until we reached Mexico City.

Mexico City showed us the same yet more, every lesson getting expanded.

25 million people were the estimated population of Mexico City when we arrived. We had a one-page map to find a dot on the map called Polanco. Instinct drove us into the centre of the city. After what seemed hours I saw the sign to turn to Polanco.

We needed to cross four lanes of traffic to make the turn and all the cars seamed to move around us for this to happen. Mexicans are great instinctual drivers, never following rules, but rarely having accidents too. We turned into a smaller street after a short while and then decided to stop as we felt like we had made it. This was the street we would live on for the next 3 months it was a wealthy Embassy area as well as being deemed the safest. We were next door to a mansion with a kindly caretaker and absentee owners. The Canadian Embassy was just down the block and all the services you needed came to the door as if we were part of the system.

The locals couldn't believe we had found our way to this great location, much less that we were able to base ourselves there for 3 months.

Once again we promoted, we pushed, we presented and nothing was happening. Out of money again and ready to go home we walked into a small neighbourhood bookstore and saw a flyer saying Calendario Maya. After directions and instructions were given we were off to the other side of the city to an event about the Mayan calendar. It transpired to be a five-day welcoming in of the Mayan new-year. Blue Self -Existing Storm Year. I tried to ask what that meant and all I was told was that this would unfold. The event was International so was in English and Spanish, it was free and we were permitted to stay parked right where we were in the car park.

That is when life changed for us, the North Americans who spoke in English made less sense than the Latin Americans who danced the information in Spanish. We were activated into a natural timing frequency. We experienced so much and most of the time through everyone speaking in a language we didn't understand a word of. We got adopted by the locals and doors opened to such an extent at the finish of the event I found myself on TV Azteca, morning program talking of reading auras. From this came so much work we became well known by people in all walks of life. We were back in the flow

The Calendar taught us how to live in the present, to trust and have faith that if you are in the right timing frequency, magic can happen in bucketfuls.

Our Visas in Mexico were about to run out. A message from Jose Argurlles about a telepathic meditation connecting all parts of the World inspired us to return home to teach the Natural Time calendar because in New Zealand and Australia the groups of people who had knowledge of this calendar were very small in comparison to South America.

We needed materials in English and decided to drive back to the States for new visas and to fly out of Tucson, which was the base for the Calendar movement at the time. We arrived at the house of the people doing all the production and printing of materials for Jose Arguelles, here we also found New Zealand books written by Barry Brailsford about the Waitaha the first inhabitants of Aotearoa (New Zealand) before Maori. We were there 14 days, built and sold 14 tables, which paid for our flights home.

Before leaving Mexico we had been initiated by two teachers. Alonso a Chilean man who taught us how to teach the calendar. He taught it all in Spanish and on the near to last day of our time together he spoke to us in English saying he didn't like to communicate in English. At first we could not believe he had put us through that, because at this stage our Spanish was only a few phrases. Then we laughed and laughed because he had connected the information instinctively in our body not our mind.

The second teacher Maria Esther was a Mexican Quantum Physicist she had learned about the calendar while trying to disprove it. She had done that by leaving her job and going to the jungle of the Yucatan and living with the Mayan Priests. She made us do equations and proving the patterns for hours a day. When she was asked her purpose of this teaching method, she shared that really she was only activating us.

Back in New Zealand for 6 months we had our first workshop with 13 friends and from there it expanded where every weekend and often during the week we were teaching the calendar. We activated many people. Vasumi and Hermione carried this information on for many years and expanded it to Australia and Bali.

We had been learning about going with the flow, being open to opportunities and synchronicity before we came across the calendar. Travelling and not just working day in day out helped us to see these things. But when we bought the calendar into our lives, connecting to the energies each day the magic and synchronicity multiplied exponentially.

Sam explaining the significance of this message!Sam explaining the significance of this message!

On our return to Mexico we were taken to many of the temple sites, in Palenque the home of the tomb which had brought so much information to Jose Arguelles. We had a 13-day retreat with Maria Esther and many others from around the World. Climbing down inside the tomb and by being in the jungle surrounding Palenque. We discovered many truths left by nature. The fine balance of the terrain showed us why the temples had been abandoned eventually, the land surrounding these special places could not sustain the quantities of people wanting to live there. The Mayans didn't disappear they just returned to the jungle and a more simple harmonious life.

The Priests laughed at our need to spend so many hours workshopping the calendar. Their only message for 2012 being; "time will not be as we know it today".

The Natural Time calendar has 13 moons, of 28 days =364 with one day out of time to give us the fractal of one that raises us to the next frequency. Cycles of 12 as in the old calendar keep us stuck on the hamster wheel of life, never evolving.

Central American Border crossings are a lesson in patience and it is better to find the smaller crossings even if it means you have to drive out of your way. It will take you on a more interesting journey anyway. Main road travelling anywhere in the world is always less interesting.

Some patience is required for the sometimes totally illogical and corrupt system. If you set your mind to the process taking a day you can always return to your vehicle for a cup of tea, this is better done when you are parked so no other vehicle can pass. It is amazing how some of the hurdles will be sidestepped if you are in the way and not understanding why they are asking you to move. Never accept help from the hoards who wish to profit from the confusion they have set up, and never pay a bribe or else you contribute the corruption. Otherwise Central American Countries were interesting, the cultures colourful and steeped in tradition and a simplistic lifestyle that leads to happiness which is often hard to find in more affluent countries.

Costa Rica was a haven for us in the times of Y2k, however in the end what that preparation taught us had nothing to do with surviving Y2K but more about living in nature.

Looking back now it is hard to believe the whole world thought everything was going to grind to a halt on New Year's Eve 2000. We were not too savvy about computers so it was easy to believe the experts. We weren't really fearful if we were we would have come back to NZ.

Because Costa Rica had no army and was abundant, we felt it would be a good place to be. We found a perfect place it was called Paraiso (paradise in Spanish). We provided a Hotel with massage services and in exchange we were given a place to park our motor home on a small farm-let. We lived in an area with no TV, no movies; the nearest village of any substance was an hour away on the worst roads you could imagine. In rainy season even walking was a mission because the mud would bog you down. It had some of the best surfing beaches in a short distance of each other right at our back door. So we surfed, massaged, hung out with monkeys, birds and nature right in our space. We showered outside along with the vampire bats and we would walk home from the hotel under the stars, watching for snakes and tarantulas sleeping on the road.

Panama was the last Central American Country, we had been away seven years it was time to explore South America but there is no Ferry, no road into Columbia. We needed to find a way.

We met a German couple with two small children at the Costa Rica/Panama boarder who had the same objective so we connected with them. The men went daily out to the shipping companies, looking for a solution, eventually coming back with the right ship and the right contact to help us to be craned onto the deck of this rumpty old cargo boat full of scrap metal.

We were so lucky with the weather but when you are in a motor home with a rocky suspension on top of an old rolling boat the swell keeps your equilibrium in flux. So for three days we wedged ourselves in and, ate very little.

"Pandamaniam" Oh we are so glad for White Light Protection!!!

On our arrival South America was on holiday, the Port Authorities were closed, so was immigration.

Straightaway we were shown the first of Columbian hospitality. They slipped us out the gate and into town so we could be part of the festival. Columbians are the most solution orientated of the Latin culture and nothing is a problem.

They showed us that the best route through their troubled Country required a diversion in and out of Venezuela.

Before our first crossing out of Columbia we ventured on one of our most challenging hikes up into the land of the Kogi Indians and the Lost City, with another Kiwi couple half our age and an incredible local guide. We stayed in a dwelling surrounded by coca leaves for cocaine production. We crossed wild streams and hiked for 3 days to come to a magical area of circular foundations surrounded by mountain palms of tagua. We were invited into one of the Kogi villages with our guide who rarely does that because these Indians are not interested in the outside world they have shut themselves off, believing we are poison. We passed a troupe of Para Milatere one of the worst guerrilla groups they smiled and laughed at our suffering of the trail. We never knew till later in Columbia how that could have been so dangerous but for us it just seemed normal.

Photos from the Lost CityPhotos from the Lost City

Venezuela; this diversion took 6 months and into some of the best magic. Our teaching role came into the fore just by sitting in a café.

We drove into the coast and up to a beautiful town called Merida. We passed under a sign that said this is the beginning of the Andes. We lost count of how many times we crossed that mountain range but it was never really far from view for the next 7 years. In this café we met a couple from Trinidad who overheard our English and got chatting. They invited us to a party and said they would invite a friend who was into our sort of stuff. Jackie their friend was of British descent and had a beautiful healing Complex on the hills above town. She invited all her friends and we started teaching the calendar and our massage technique. Sam did healings on all the locals creating a real big following. We had done so well and at 35 cents a litre for Petrol we decided to cross all the way to the Sabana and the Angel Falls, the highest waterfall in the World. It was great having family come from NZ to join us on this excursion.

"Angel Falls Splendor" Venezuela

Crossing back into Columbia was not a worry we had learned already it was only the wealthy that were worried.

In every city we came to, people assured us there was nothing to worry about near them but the next city, oh watch out there! After 6 months of enjoying the most beautiful scenery and meeting stunning people we had crossed the whole country still without a problem.

The Columbians have an intelligent curiosity about them. Educated to think globally, they are solution focused and their homes, even the poorest had some form of beauty. Art, games and playing are all important in life, they have a lot to teach the rest of the world.

Crossing into Ecuador was very interesting; the border guard leaned on our 6 massage tables for sale while questioning us about our family and why they weren't travelling with us. We must have looked very normal because after a cup of tea he welcomed us into Ecuador.

We met up soon after with the Rainbow Caravan of Peace, this was a group we had been linked to since Mexico, they had left their community in Mexico one week after we visited there. They were followers of the Natural Time Calendar and had a group of young people from around the world travelling in buses living in community on the road. Mostly artists and actors they would do workshops and theatre to pay their way around. We watched over the following years these young people turn their wayward lives around into becoming powerful leaders, valued in communities everywhere. Ecuador was the most rewarding of Countries for us.

Caravan Theatre teaches locals about loking after the PlanetCaravan Theatre teaches locals about loking after the Planet

From a beautiful healing centre in Quito we activated many healers with our "Spirit Heal" Technique. We sold many tables and enjoyed so many wonderful connections.

Ecuador is small in size but so varied and beautiful, with the Andes reaching its highest points. It is the centre of the World but with its high altitude can also be very cold. Ecuador is a country of incredible contrasts and colour. The Galapagos visit was a highlight in our 14 years, to be so close to wildlife that you may never see anywhere in the world. The Island's beauty, relaxed atmosphere and amazing history make it one of those bucket list trips everyone could do at some point in their lives.

Blue Foot Boobies from GalapagosBlue Foot Boobies from Galapagos

"Magic Moments"

In Otavalo Ecuador I was inviter to join a group of women playing togetherIn Otavalo Ecuador I was inviter to join a group of women playing together

Peru and Bolivia; the deserts had a stark beauty, but were harsh and challenging, the jungles and Amazon Trip amazing, Cusco and Machu Pichu awe inspiring. Once seeing these wonders of engineering I am still flabbergasted at the arrogance of our so-called civilised world, how we can view ourselves as so advanced. Ha!

Our View of Older Civilization being more advancedOur View of Older Civilization being more advanced

It was in Peru where we started to see that each country although of Spanish, Latin background had huge differences in collective consciousness. The Peruvian Central government was so corrupt and so centralised and not wanting to change that the country was going backwards in terms of many basic needs for the people. Many had the view that it was someone else's fault, having been oppressed for many generations. They found it hard to take personal responsibility for anything.

The Bolivians were different, they loved to protest, in fact had had more Presidents than years of Independence. They lived in very harsh conditions also but had a resilience about them that is different to Peru.

The beautiful Ladies that are the force in the Country and the ProtestsThe beautiful Ladies that are the force in the Country and the Protests

In timing your visit to Bolivia allow for a road block or two, have fun with it, they are never going to hurt a tourist. While there do not miss visiting the Salar*, huge areas of salt lake that stretch as far as the eye can see or Lake Titicaca the largest inland Lake in the World. Our time in Bolivia was special because of a family who had three children that had spent a year each in New Zealand on AFS scholarship. They welcomed us into their home as if we were one of them.

The incredible Salar that is now under threatThe incredible Salar that is now under threat

*They have recently discovered industrial quantities of Lithium under the salt, Lithium being a key component of Batteries. It will be hard for a poor country like Bolivia to ignore the riches of such a discovery. The potential damage to the environment would be a tragedy.

We made a visit back to New Zealand from Chile so we could take the wonderful opportunity of visiting Easter Island on the way.

A place I had a connection with ever since seeing the movie Rapa Nui many years before. What an incredible place, we felt it was the birth place for many of New Zealand ancestors yet in reality it also showed of the incredible migrations that had been going on for many years before so called "Civilization" We saw there ancient temple sites similar to Peru, writings of a very advanced culture. We enjoyed the energy from navigation stones similar to those we saw in Costa Rica and New Zealand. Easter Island is a place to visit if you are interested in the real history of the world

The Wise Ones of Easter IslandThe Wise Ones of Easter Island

While home we also got married, we figured that after so many years living together on the road we could commit to the rest of our lives.

Northern Chile is likened to Western Australia, deserted, hard and full of mines. There is beauty in the rich colours when the sun goes down or if you are lucky like we were and come across the desert flower season, which only happens every 4-5 years. Otherwise we found Southern Chile more like New Zealand than anywhere else we had been. In fact it is so much alike, yet 10 times bigger.

Once again here we connected with large groups of people following the Mayan Calendar who opened their doors, the Caravan was there too and we felt like we were coming home. Alonso our Mayan Calendar teacher had since died but his family all welcomed us and opened many opportunities for us doing our work.

We got to live with the Mapuche community in Santiago, a difficult city to find a place to park. They had land on a hill in the centre of the city it had security all around, incredible views and the Metro at the bottom of the hill. So we walked lots and mixed with many ex-pats even enjoyed the odd night at the NZ Embassy. We worked with one ski resort come spa numerous times, helping them develop their resort into a destination spa ski resort. The owners said they would pay for us to come back anytime as two of the times we arrived we brought with us the largest snowfalls they had ever experienced. Our exchange for that was free passes and ski gear.

Argentina and Chile were very easy to cross between for visa updates, although we spent longer in Chile, we loved the variety in Argentina, though a country that believes they are more European for me was sad, they didn't always see their own powerful assets. Argentineans are very proud; they love fun and the good life.

On the other-hand the Chileans were more sombre but 20 years of suppression with Pinochet can do those sorts of things to a collective consciousness. They followed rules; the police had authority whereas the Argentineans lived for breaking the rules. The Andes would produce wind on the Argentina side but rain on the Chilean so the contrasts across the divide were marked in culture and scenery. In the summer we knew we had a small window to explore Patagonia, a vast wilderness with limited roads (tracks). We chose to take the more expensive but incredibly beautiful ferry trip down the fiords of Chile, their size makes our fiords look like little inlets. We hiked in Torres del Paine a park with incomparable rock formations which were a back-drop to turquoise blue glacier lakes filled with icebergs of every hue.

The beauty of Torres Del PaineThe beauty of Torres Del Paine

Finally, after miles and miles of dirt roads that were corrugated the whole way to Ushuaia we arrived at the bottom of South America in Tierra del Fuego. We didn't hesitate over spending the money we booked passage and were soon boarding a ship to Antarctica on a last minute deal. We had very calm crossings and beautiful weather both ways. The Captain kept saying `it was out of the book'. One day was spent sitting on deck in just tee shirts. We swam in the cold water and then were relieved by a flow of hot volcanically heated water. The opportunity to see such pristine landscape was well worth the expense. We had nearly 24 hours of daylight so to get our money's worth we spent many an hour being the only guests awake, seeing scenery and wildlife that was continually breathtaking. We took so many photos that even today, it is still impossible to select the best the photos are all incredible.

A day at the beach in AntacrticaA day at the beach in Antacrtica

Further down the beach minutes later we swam in a volcanic flow similar to "Hot Water Beach" back home the Captain made us dip in the sea first then into the hot flow.

We then very slowly made our way up the Caraterra Austral, mainly on the Chilean side as the roads were not so corrugated except for the pot-holes, rocks and boulders you had to dodge and because of the high rainfall it was more beautiful. However, Argentina had a landscape special for it's difference, wild at often 100-200km winds.

Patagonia Wilderness in SummerPatagonia Wilderness in Summer

Our time on the Peninsular Valdes in Argentina was another wildlife wonder. We spent weeks parked on a finger of rock that had us protruding into a bay where Southern Right Whales trained their babies to perform for us humans. They sang, jumped, dived and whale tailed us all day long. The only reason we left in the end is we ran out of food, they were spell binding the way they communicated. We had quite a large group of fellow onlookers to pass the time with also.

Whale Watching from our Motor-Home on Peninsular ValdesWhale Watching from our Motor-Home on Peninsular Valdes

The decision to come home was due, two seven-year cycles, Issy was up for major repairs and we felt a calling we did not understand. So we did as we would often do when not sure, we would hand it over to Spirit. If Issy sold it was the sign to go home.

It happened in days, and so easily managed it must have been meant to be. We packed up one cubic meter of precious things, including 2 massage tables and left everything else with good friends from the Caravan. Then we decided to use the money from Issy to see the last highlights backpacking. We spent the same money in 6 weeks backpacking as it did 5 months travelling the whole length of Patagonia (not including Antarctica) and we were backpacking basic! This showed us how much Issy had saved us. Issy had made this trip possible and with such personality, we were sad to see her go but knew it was time.

Our life had to evolve again. We kept the magic of living in the moment and trusting that Spirit is always with us if we just watch for the signs.

This journey can happen in your own Back Yard: We have now learned that the key to our journey is not to be attached to the outcome. We set our intention and trust that spirit can provide the perfect experiences for our Soul Journey. Living in New Zealand now we apply the same model and we are loving every experience for its magic.

After fourteen years of living a formula of magic, it was interesting to see how when we first came back to New Zealand we quickly fell back into some old patterns, like worrying about how we can manifest enough income while living in a more expensive country. What we have learned from this is that the moment we made our income the focus the magic moments slowed. When we refocused on asking Spirit to back us in our work of being of service to others, in their healing process, the magic returned. So a great lesson has been learned.

We are again enjoying moments of pure synchronicity living back in New Zealand one of the things we love the most is getting on the road with no direction planned. When we reach an intersection asking which direction left or right this often leads to extraordinary beaches or views and meeting great people. If you see us on the road in our Traillite called Lite `n Life pull us over we love those moments.

Our "Spirit Heal Workshops" have been inspired by these real life stories, we have developed methods that assist people in unfolding their healing gifts and purpose in life.

View our pages on "Spirit Heal" we invite you to attend one of our retreats or contact us to organize one in your area.