"Spirit Heal" is a massage technique as well as a life philosophy that sets the intention for what we want without any attachment to the outcome and then allows spirit to guide us to the magic of our Healing and true Soul Journey.

"We are a soul with a body not a body with a soul."

Before we came to earth, as a soul we were very clear about our purpose. We chose certain circumstances to aid us in our learning as a soul. Our families, our environment, all contribute to our learning.

Life is a journey not a destination.

We arrive into a body, which is the most incredible vessel with an amazing operating system that is run in a holistic automated way.

The timing of our birth is significant to our purpose. We can understand that significance through the different kinds of astrology's. For us we love to use the Mayan Calendar it is simple to work with and gives us keys to our life purpose. This life purpose is often forgotten along the path because we see ourselves as a body with a Soul not a Soul with a body. In the end we are soul again and all we take with us is our learning's and experiences.

"Spirit Heal Soul Journeys"

This is a workshop conducted over a three - day retreat, utilising nature and getting away from life's hustle and bustle. The first stage of the workshop is designed to rediscover our life purpose. We do this by recollecting our life's Journey. You get the opportunity to share the learnings you have experienced in life through stories. Spirit Heal Soul Journeys can take people on their Journey through their stories. The stories being the threads we weave to form our pathways of learning. By experiencing the learning their soul has experienced to date. Whatever shape our lives have become, every aspect has a lesson to be understood. It is the learnings we will observe and the baggage that can be left behind. Then we can continue the soul journey we came to live.

As told in our story, we have been living in the moment and using the techniques of "Spirit Heal" to guide our journey. For many of these years our experience of facilitating "Spirit Heal' Workshops has shown us unique ways of assisting people to explore within, using love and positive reinforcement. As opposed to finding all your flaws, we prefer to see these flaws as lessons and focus on their learning. Within the group environment you will extend your capacity and confidence to follow your heart to a life of more enjoyment and fulfilment.

Our workshops are planned in the same way we live our life; organically. We will post notices on our face book page for the next planned workshops and we are always open to groups or communities organising workshops for us to facilitate.

Contact us on 0800 2BWELL register or organise your workshop.

"Spirit Heal Therapy"

These retreat workshops are designed for all healers who wish to enhance their own energy. When the "Spirit Heal" connection is made you will never experience depletion of energy if anything you will experience more energy after your sessions.

Spirit Heal Therapy is an energetic connection through body - work. Once again using the Spirit Heal Technique of setting the intention together, for what is wanted with no attachment to the outcome then allowing spirit to facilitate what is required for the person at that time.

We use breath, visualisation and slow meditative body - work to open the physical for an energetic experience, often unlocking emotional patterning. The key for the therapist is to guide this process in a connected gentle and loving way. Our hands are an extension of our heart.

Our philosophy with this technique is to assist you with skills and methods to become a health consultant. Then demonstrating how you adapt each session according to your clients needs, not just some routine you have devised. We help you gain confidence in using your sixth sense to explore deeper understanding of your client's health issues.

Our Workshops are designed to teach you this technique, this, can then become the foundation and integrated into many techniques. The purpose of the workshop is to trust the guidance spirit will provide with insights that come from your sixth sense. You will experience this through receiving as much as practising. For many of our participants they have shifts in their personal health issues after days of experiencing this powerful energy work.

We have been conducting these workshops in many countries working with individuals and groups who have wanted to enhance their massage techniques. The Hotels and Spas we have worked with, when adopting the "Spirit Heal" Technique to their menu have been very pleased with the increase of business because many clients wish to prolong their stay for further treatments so they can complete a process that their therapist has facilitated for them.

The Therapists say that their work with "Spirit Heal" has given them so many great tools they can use to assist their client but more importantly make their work varied and greater in rewarding satisfaction. We intend to offer these diploma courses of 40 hours to individuals and groups.

If you require further information contact us at 08002BWELL


"Spirit Heal Practitioners Retreat"

Some people are gifted to pass on their learning to others, once any of our workshop participants have attended the above two courses they will be eligible to attend our practitioners course. We would love to expand this philosophy worldwide.

The participants of our workshops will all have their own unique way of delivery our objective is to enhance this as each style attracts different energies. The purpose of this workshop is to learn how to deliver to groups the "Spirit Heal" techniques while incorporating your own methods and style. We will provide you with many experiences to practice in your daily life as well.

To be a "Spirit Heal" practitioner you will need to be fascinated by people and their life journey, have a desire to help people overcome their health issues without creating a dependency on you or your energy. Your role is to demonstrate to your clients how they can connect to the energy of "Spirit" to heal themselves by releasing attachment to the outcomes. Setting clear intention is the key. Then just hand over and keep faith and trust that whatever comes is what you are needing for your souls' learning and experience.

Teaching how to teach is what we desire in this workshop, along with another opportunity to keep enhancing our connection with "Spirit". The joy of opening and expanding others is tremendously rewarding and fulfilling therefore we desire to expand this technique to other teachers.

We have been utilizing the Bioptron Light Therapy System with "Spirit Heal" as a way of activating the chakras or releasing pent up tensions in the body. To understand the extensive practicality of Bioptron click here.

Information on Carter Consulting's Wellness Spa development, visit our Wellness Spa Development page.