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Colin & Irene Smith, 6 View St, Maungaturoto, Northland. 19th September 2009.

Dear Sam & Christine,

As you know, Colin developed an ulcer on his right leg, lower calf muscle. This was caused by a scratch from a piece of steel in Mid – January. He went to the doctor on the 20th of January, as it had obviously developed an infection. This infection did not heal, even after taking five lots of antibiotics, and had developed into a large, deep and painful ulcer by the end of April. It was being dressed twice a week by the local District Nurses and Panadol was being taken at night and often during the day for pain relief. At this time, there seemed to be no solution to the problem and it seemed to be getting worse each time we removed the bandage.

Colin was referred to the Ulcer Clinic and a Specialist who prescribed a Compression Stocking. At the same time he purchased the Bioptron Light from you and began treatment twice a day. With the light and the stocking, the wound immediately began to heal. This was more obvious when we were able to treat with the light when the bandage was removed. We were amazed to be able to see the granulation occurring during treatment. The District Nurses were also amazed at how quickly healing took place. By the first week in September it was completely healed leaving very little scarring. We are quite convinced that Bioptron Light Treatment played a large part in the turn around and healing of the Ulcer.

Thank you for introducing us to it.

Kind regards.

Irene Smith ( Colin’s Wife)

Colin had only just retired and was ready for enjoying his motor – home when he was restricted to staying at home because of the ulcer needing regular attention.

This is them at the Murawai Rally in September healed and ready to enjoy their new adventurous life in their Motor Home.


Gir Amor Jessica Rossiter United States, 2010

 I first learned of the “Spirit Heal” technique in Peru in 2002. In that initial encounter with Sam and Christine Carter, I witnessed the homecoming of many lost spirits. This was my first real awakening to the capacity we ALL have to see auras, to feel energetic blocks and imbalances, to communicate with Heaven, to diagnose and treat our own problems, and to heal our past. I understood how our relationships in childhood were fundamental in defining our challenges in life, and I learned how each physical and emotional conflict is inter-related.

To this day, I continue to use many of the skills I learned in that first workshop: aura vision, aura cleansing, body interpreting, chakra balancing, professionalism, and massage. And the seeds that they planted continue to flourish, bearing more fruit each season. Yet I continue to learn from the two instructors themselves, who care enough about their alumni to nourish relationships through the years. As they learn and grow more with time, they continually develop their contribution to the world, never ceasing to follow their own purpose and dreams in life. Their story is of real people having a really divine experience.

I wouldn’t say that the “Spirit Heal” workshop will change your life. It will define it.

Jessica Rossiter
United States, 2010