Wellness Spa Development

At Carter Consulting our vision is that: "New Zealand is seen as a healing and wellness destination."

We already have all the elements for this, thermal waters throughout New Zealand all with varied properties. Our Maori cultural heritage has a huge healing element to it that could be expanded utilizing the beautiful relaxed energies of our Maori people. The beauty of the land and it's people all contribute to how we can create this as a vision.

Our experience in Spa development comes in our 14 years of travel working in this field for Hotels from the United States to South America and years previously for Sam in Construction and my experience in Business Consulting and Sales. We have a clear idea of how ideal Wellness Spas can be constructed and managed so the guests feel the elements of healing coming through every part of their experience from the food to the interaction of the staff.

Throughout the years we have worked with many opportunities in developing or managing spas and retreats for healing. The Latin American Culture has a focus in the Beauty Spa Industry as we travelled in each Country we were surprised to see how many very sophisticated spas were available, either as day spas or part of a Hotel.

For example one of our Clients in Chile has a Thermal Water, Ski Resort, which in the earlier days offered private hot pools with one room for massage. The demands for the massage services increased so they converted more rooms into massage suites. When they offered our "Spirit Heal Therapy" to the guests the request for massage increased further to where they now have rebuilt completely their Spa to have ten massage suites with a large team of massage therapists. We worked with this team on a consultancy basis for three years. Advancing the professionalism of the therapists from massage workers to consultative massage therapists. The sales for the Spa continued each year to climb based on improved services and a better sales approach.

We are available to offer our consulting services to groups or Hotels wishing to provide a complete healing environment for a Wellness Healing Location. Our vision of New Zealand as a Wellness Destination can incorporate locations with thermal waters, hotels desiring to create a relaxing healing environment. The development of our Marae as a healing destination that is unique to New Zealand also providing an example of community living to the rest of the World.

Our "Spirit Heal" techniques, Bioptron Light Therapy can all be part of this overall vision to how we create a New Zealand as a healing location.